Online Roulette-Game Types

The various faces of online roulette

In earlier times, playing roulette was quite simple; as easy as going into the local casino, betting, taking the winnings, and then leaving. Also, the players were offered a limited range of games and limited betting options.

With the exponential increase in online gambling, you need not to worry about the trek to the casino clubs anymore. You can enjoy  the roulette games online staying in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can bet according to your likes and preferences; whilst enjoying the treat of top softwares and customer services.

With a multitude of options of online roulette variations to choose from ,you can enjoy the best online casinos on the web.

The components of a roulette table

If you think that online roulette starts and ends with just 36 numbers, then you need to think again. With the enhanced sophistication of the online casinos the array of roulette games on offer to the players had widespread. Take a look at the popular roulette variations those you can find at your favorite online casino portal.

The Various Online Roulette Variations

Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition-It uses the graphics of the online casino’s to the max, but features more colors to bet, not just the classic Black and Red. In fact, at online casino’s the players can choose from yellow, purple, blue and green to place their bets. The 1-36 numbers are still present, while double and single 0 variations are available.

Spingo-A bizarre mix of online roulette and Bingo. With Spingo bet the players are allowed to bet on numbers from 1 to 10 along with the classic ones that is 1 to 36, with 3 different colors to bet on. Once the wheel is spun, the numbered balls are picked out randomly, which then fall down into the colored tray. As well as the colors and numbers you can pick both even and odds if you desire so.

Multi-Ball Roulette-This is another perfect online roulette variation available on the web casino. As you can guess probably, Multi-Ball Roulette allows the players to bet on the wheel with up to 3 balls at a time. Therefore, you can bet on more than one number.

French Roulette

Though this variation of roulette is rarely found online, but this roulette variation is quite similar to European Roulette , as it also features a single zero; but still it features some differentiations. The French Roulette features the ‘La Partage’ rule. If your ball lands on 0, you will  lose only half of your bet. It also comes with the ‘En Prison’ rule. If the player places bets on odd or even and the ball lands on 0, the player has the opportunity to win the bet back. And if your bet wins, on the next spin you will win it back. But in case if you lose the best, you will forfeit your bet to the house. This is an interesting variation of this game, the one you might not find except the French-facing online casinos.

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